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This site is a bit of a "junk drawer," not unlike the one you probably have in your kitchen—that repository for things like rubberbands, batteries and those keys which no one can seem to identify, but are afraid to toss out. I'm still working on this and trying to make it more "responsive" and "adaptive" so that it will work nicely no matter if you're on your desktop, tablet or mobile phone. If anything looks wonky to you, shoot me a note and let me know what device/browser is not playing nicely with my site. (However if you're using IE 6 or older, you're on your own, bunky. Rev up that horse and buggy and drive into the 21st century.)

The navigation should help you find whatever you might be looking for. You'll find links to take you to my resume, "portfolio", some animation stuff I did a long, long while ago, and a way to get to the Facebook page for my pastry shop, Maggie's Creations Patisserie. Please stop by and give that a "Like" and, if you're so-inclined, place an order for something delicious and beautiful. If there's something that you remember seeing here before, but can't find now, feel free to email me via tgoddess at stikchick dot com. It's possible that, if you have old links, things may have been moved around or are now hidden from public view.

Link of the Month

The Link of the Month is usually something funny or weird that I've come upon in my occasional web searching. These are ephemeral, so if you miss one month, maybe the next month's link will be just as interesting.

This month's link is to a new blog by me and my pal, Lana Strong. Feel free to stop by...read...leave a comment if you wish.

Zen & the Art of Brilliance