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The History of Stik Chik Fliks

None of the animation work here was for anything more than fun and experimentation.

I started out doing most of these as just animated .gif shorts back in about 1995 starring a character I created called Stik Chik. She was born of the lack of talent I have for any kind of drawing whatsover. Though I created her as female, she really is an "everyman." She was inspired by Chuck Jones' (my favorite animator) Wile E. Coyote, because no matter what happens to her, whether she's exploding in a geyser of blood and gore, bursting into flames or being eaten by an alien dinosaur, she always returns for another exciting cartoon adventure. I like to think of these shorts as tiny lessons about perseverance showing that no matter what adversity we may face, we should pick ourselves up and try, try, try again.

Some of these animations are animated .gifs, some are Quicktime movies and some are Flash. Flash and QT were somewhat new technologies at the time and I was enjoying trying out new software and techniques. They're silly, pointless and just meant to be a break from the somewhat dull and practical stuff that's here on the site these days.

You may notice that Episodes 3 and 9 are missing. Unfortunately, Episode 3: Stik Chik Goes to Das Kaffehaus (now known as "The Lost Episode") was irreversibly corrupted in about 1998 and I never felt like re-doing it. Maybe someday, when I have as much time as I used to have back in '95. Episode 9 is a musical episode co-starring David Allen Coe and is very NSFW. If you really want to see it, send me an email and I'll give you a link.


Here are a few other random animations I've done.

The Birds

Dance Boy, Dance

Dean Cameron Film Fest (fake trailer)

Tightcircle ad

Adventures of Flik (screentest)

Rotoscope test


Movie intro/sound test

Animated banner ad 1

Animated banner ad 2